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Stainless Steel SOS Talisman Necklace & Pen Set ST27


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Condition:   New
Style:   Pendant
How to use:   Double sided Instructions Card included
Included:   Information Strip inside ready for use
Validity:   GENUINE SOS Talisman brand from Switzerland
Gender:   For Men & Women (Unisex)
Capsule:   Diameter: 22.5mm (0.9” | Depth: 5mm (0.2”)
Chain length:   55cm chain (approx 21.5″)
Front:   SOS Talisman logo
Back:   High polish
Suitability:   All adults
Warranty:   Full one year guarantee
Integrity:   Water tight
Durability:   Heat resistant
Sensitivity:   Hypo-allergenic
Reliability:   No need for phone or internet connection
Simplicity:   No engraving required
Privacy:   No-one else has access to your data
Versatility:   Change your information at any time
Credibility:   Reliable products trusted for decades
Dependability:   No moving parts or electronics
Country of Manufacture:   Switzerland
Packaging:   Minimal to reduce waste. Please see image.
Brand:   SOS Talisman
MPN:   ST27
EAN:   159086613045
Video:   Online

Dedicated pen with fine point and waterproof ink. Writes in black permanent/ water durable pigment ink. Resists fading: ink remains dark & clear for years. Metal tip produces a sharp & clear finish. Micro fine point: writes a permanent 0.25mm line. Your vital information will not smear if exposed to water or condensation.

Genuine SOS Talisman medical emergency necklace as recommended by doctors & paramedics.
Vital protection if you have conditions you might need to alert an emergency medic about. 

*This product is packaged in a minimalist box to reduce its environmental footprint. It is not supplied in a presentation gift box.