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Information Strip Advice

Please note – the panel headings are merely a guide, and by no means compulsory. You can write Any information ANYWHERE you choose on the Information Strip.

If using our PEN – PLEASE DO NOT LEAN HEAVILY on it as the ink may bleed through to the other side. A light touch is recommended.

* A note about language:
We complement our SOS Talismans with the most up-to date pan-European SOS Talsiman Information Strip, which covers several languages including English.

* You will find the English wording along the bottom row of the tear-out strip. *

Your doctor is the best person to advise you of the medical details to enter, since absolute accuracy is vital. The rest you can fill in, in permanent ink.

TIP: If you are going on holiday, you may want to fill in an Information Strip in a foreign language. Please also remember to use international phone numbers on your holiday strips, especially if they are mobile phone numbers.

First section – starting with red SOS

Enter the number you find on the inside bottom of the capsule across the red letters “SOS”. This helps doctors and paramedics to connect the Information Strip they are reading with your capsule – and you.

Next enter your name and address (and date of birth if you wish)
Smith John Robert
124 High St, London EC4 1BA UK 3/5/75

Section starting with an icon of a telephone:Enter the name and telephone number of the first person you wish to be notified of the emergency.

Below this goes the names of your second choice.
Before each entry write the name (or international code letter eg GB) of the country in which they reside. Then enter your doctor’s details and mark this “doctor”

1 GB 01225 830 000 Mr B Alexander Brother
2. GB 0141 577 7290 Mrs S Alexander Wife
3. GB 0141 577 7290 Mr G Proctor Doctor

Next panel:
Enter your religion if you wish. eg Roman Catholic – please contact a priest

– Turn the Information Strip over –

Large panel starting with a large red cross +

Enter any allergies and your blood group here; and also any medication or course of medical treatment you may be undergoing. You may also wish to enter vaccinations and any other relevant information.
Penicillin allergy I use insulin Blood Group: Rh0
Vaccination: Tetanus 5cc 23/11/98
Diabetes mellitus Contact lenses False teeth
Car papers beneath dashboard UK Passport no 8809706

When the certificate has been completed:

Tear off the upper and lower edges along the perforated lines and fold it in the form a concertina. When folded, the grooves should be exactly on top of one another. Next, unscrew the top, remove the retaining clip, insert the certificate, replace the retaining clip and screw the top on firmly.


Your personal and medical circumstances may change. It is very important that you keep your information strips up to date.

We strongly recommend that you have some spare information strips in case this situation occurs.

If you have a different version of the Information Strip: You will need to contact the vendor from which you purchased your SOS Talisman for specific information.