SOS Talisman Retailer
No monthly fees.
No engraving.
No phone required.

If you need to return your SOS Talisman TM for a repair under guarantee, please note the following:

– you must enclose your sales receipt with the product (for your convenience, a photocopy is also acceptable) and/ or the stamped and dated Guarantee Card.

Please note that removeable parts such as the screw on top are not covered under guarantee.

To return an item, please send it securely wrapped (bubble wrap is ideal) to:
D W Co Ltd, Suite 985, 228 Ayr Rd, Newton Mearns, Glasgow G77 6UY, Scotland, UK (no public access)

*** If sending from overseas by a carrier eg UPS, FedEx etc, please ensure you tick the box marked “Sender Pays” as we cannot accept any packages where duty or shipping charges must be paid.