SOS Talisman Retailer. SOS Talisman medical emergency alert bracelets & necklaces.
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How does the SOS Talisman system work?
Please view our mini video

How does the 45 Day Trial work?
You can try one of these products risk free for up to 45 days. If you don’t like it for any reason, you can return it for a full refund of the purchase price. Full details

How long does delivery usually take?
Delivery is normally from stock which we hold and so is usually very fast.
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My address is not in the UK. Do you deliver overseas?
Yes. We deliver to all of the countries in the European Union, USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand Full details

Where can I find instructions on how to fill in the Information Strip?

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My Information Strip does not seem to be in English?
We use the most up to date pan European Information Strips. You will find the English along the bottom of the strip.

Do you have a paper catalogue you can send?
Sorry, no. We sell online only, and so do not produce a paper catalogue I am afraid.

Do the SOS Talismans come with an Information Strip ?
Yes – every SOS Talisman is supplied with one information strip. We strongly recommend you buy a pack of spare Information Strips or an Accessory Pack with your order as your medication or address may well change over time (eg when you go on holiday). You can purchase these by clicking here

TIP: If you are going on holiday, you may want to fill in an Information Strip in a foreign language. There is a free translation resource here. Please note that we have no connection to this website and take no responsibility for any of the translations. Please also remember to use international phone numbers on your holiday strips, especially if they are mobile phone numbers

Do you have products especially for children?
Unfortunately no. The products we can suggest for children are:
1. The ladies leather watch strap type SOS Talisman – where you can either punch extra holes in the strap or replace the strap with a child’s size watch strap from your local jeweller.
2. The sports watch type SOS Talisman Some children / teenagers find these more fashionable.
3. A stainless steel SOS Talisman necklace. If the chain is too long, again you should be able to purchase a chain of a suitable length in silver or stainless steel from your local jeweller. (Please check before purchasing).

Do you fill in my medical information on the information strips?
No – you fill this in yourself, in permanent / waterproof ink; possibly in conjunction with your doctor.

Do you keep a note of my medical condition/s?
No – your medical information is private and we neither ask for it nor store it.

Do I need a particular SOS Talisman for my medical condition?
No. You can put ANY information you feel appropriate on your Information Strip

I am travelling / going on holiday and will have a different address for a while. What should I do?
No problem. Just fill in a spare information strip with your holiday address (and medical details of course!) and change it back to your regular one when you return.

I have lost a small part eg the screw top for my Talisman. Can I buy a replacement?
Yes you can spare and replacements parts on this website.

Are the chains available in different lengths?
Sorry, no. The necklaces are supplied only in standard lengths.

Are they watertight?
Yes – the capsules are all watertight. If you are going swimming, just ensure that the screw on top is tight before you enter the water. In some cases, water can ingress into the capsule eg through condensation, and this why we strongly recommend the use of a pen with waterproof ink when filling in the Information Strip. You get one at a heavily discounted price when you order any item from this website.

I have found a reference number inside the capsule of my SOS Talisman. What is it?

Each SOS Talisman capsule contains a unique number which remains in the capsule even after the Information Strip has been removed by the doctor or paramedic. The user copies this number on to the Information strip as shown above. If, for example, doctors in an Emergency Room are treating more than one patient who is an SOS Talisman wearer, they will easily be able to match the Information Strip with the correct patient – ensuring you are treated for your own condition – not someone else’s.

Can you make software available for filling in the Information Strips?
We have not produced software to fill in the information strips because they are made of special waterproof paper and also because the information is entered on both sides. We recommend the use of pens with waterproof ink to compete the Information Strips – and the printer on a typical computer would have neither waterproof paper nor waterproof ink. Moreover, it is a unique shape to fit perfectly inside the SOS Talisman capsule.

Is there room inside the SOS Talisman capsule for a pill?
Although there is a void inside the capsule of course, we do not recommend that this is used for the storage of pills.

I have sensitive/ allergy reactive skin. Which option should I choose?
Every person in different. Stainless steel is the most reliable metal one. You could also consider buying a Velcro strap Sports watch type talisman where really only the Velcro strap would be in contact with your skin which may be a better bet. With this option, only the two very narrow stainless steel watch pins attaching the Talisman capsule to the strap would be in contact with your skin – no other metal.

My bracelet is too tight.
The bracelets are made up in standard lengths for men and women – details on the bracelets sales pages. Your local jeweller should be able to extend your bracelet inexpensively by adding in some extra jump rings as necessary. Of course, links can also be removed as required.

I wish to return an SOS Talisman under your 45 day money back guarantee.
For full details, please click here

Why do you charge VAT ?
Some people have concessions to buy products without VAT. We, as a UK company, are required by law to charge VAT. However, we supply all goods with a VAT invoice and you may be able to use this reclaim the VAT from your local VAT office.

Can I pay by personal cheque?
We only accept payment by credit and debit cards. If you are a UK client, and you have a cheque book, it is likely your cheque guarantee card will show the Delta or Maestro symbols – we accept these.

My friend / relative wants to buy but does not have Internet access.
In the UK, there is free Internet access at every public library – or perhaps a friend or relative could help out. We only sell online.

Can you give me a listing of retailers / stockists in my area / country?
We only sell on the Internet and do not have this information.

Can I buy a capsule on its own?
No. All our products are sold as complete units

Do you offer an engraving service?
No. We do not have an engraving service.

Are SOS Talisman products suitable for animals?
No. The screw top must be screwed tight at all times and must be checked regularly by the wearer. An animal is unable to ensure this and may inadvertently cause the screw top to loosen and become lost.

Do you have any “Dog Tag” style SOS Talisman products?
No. We only sell the products shown on this site.

We have a shop. Do you supply to the trade?
I am afraid not – sorry.

Can I come to your office to buy these products?
 We are an Internet only company and all orders are shipped (free) to our customers. We do not have a shop or office that is open to the public.

Is your website secure?
– Yes it is.

Can I order by telephone?

We sell online only.

How do I apply for the 45 day free trial?
There is no need to apply. Just order the products you require in the normal way from this website, and you will automatically be covered by our 45 days money back guarantee.