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Proven, simple, ultra-reliable medical emergency bracelets & necklaces.

Medical bracelets for women

Medical bracelets for men

SOS Talisman medical necklaces (unisex)

 “Try one out for up to 45 days. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund your payment in full – no questions asked!”

Kevin Cooke I can't recommend these highly enough, I still wear the same one my dad bought me back in 1979 when I was despatch riding, I check it at least once a year and it's still as water tight as the day I got it, I wear it daily even now. Unlike many of the other medical bracelets and necklaces it has remained largely unchanged, over the years so as I've got older and new conditions or medications have come & gone I've never ever had a problem getting strips for it. I honestly believe it's the best product of its kind.

Simple, yet ultra-reliable medical emergency bracelets & necklaces. No monthly fees. No engraving. No phone required.
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Still got mine. Do find it hard to get more then 4 illness on x

I have ordered mine,and it will be here on Monday. 👌

Alison Smith please show your other half these I was telling him about them today xx

Would one be ok for diabetes and heart condition

I. woud like one how much are they

How much are they please

These are what I was talking about Nikki Burke

Can you just buy the back of the necklace as I have lost mine now can’t wear it

Do you have any with penicillin and lactose intolerance and my daughter has both and I can take penicillin how much

Do u do them for a 2 year old please?

How many conditions can u fit on one

How much

I had one but could not get a new insert so sent to a charity shop. Tried for months but no luck

How much and how do you get to try one please

Are they waterproof ?

How. Much. Are. They. Please

Ive got one but cant find a waterproof pen to fill it in anywhere

Still have my gold one from 30+yrs ago but no room for all my allergies any more.

How much

Where can you buy one of these

My dad had ONE of them

I've two, the chain bracelet and another, much older, with an expanding wrist strap. I don't go anywhere without on or the other...

I have bought a few ID bracelets from here over the years for myself familiy and friends and would highly recommend them :)

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