Vital protection if you have conditions you might need to alert an emergency medic about.

Could You Lose Consciousness When You're Out Today?

What if someone accidentally treated you for the wrong condition?

It's a frightening thought - but SOS Talisman™ can really help:

“Try out one of our SOS Talisman medical bracelets or necklaces for up to 45 days. If you’re not completely satisfied, we'll refund your payment in full – no questions asked!”

Try wearing an inexpensive SOS Talisman™ bracelet or pendant which contains your most vital medical information, allergies, medications etc

Who should use one?

They are particularly recommended for these and many other medical conditions:

Diabetes, asthma, anticoagulant dependency eg warfarin, bleeding or clotting disorders, adrenal insufficiency (Addison’s disease), Alzheimer’s, steroid dependency, epilepsy, nut & food allergies, tetanus allergy, drug allergies eg aspirin, pacemaker, cardiac valves etc, anitbiotic allergies eg penicillin, haemodialysis: kidney failure, dementia, inability to communicate and many more.

Also very popular with those enjoying sports and outdoor pursuits.

The SOS Talisman™ capsule, in the middle of the bracelet or hanging on a pendant around the neck, is made of two metal halves which screw together to securely encase your vital SOS Talisman™ Information Strip. Also, the Talisman bracelet’s case is watertight and heat resistant so you are protected at all times.

Your SOS Talisman™ bracelet or necklace is an attractive yet functional piece of jewellery and offers the most reliable, immediate and flexible way to alert medics to your most important medical conditions and medications available today.

These clever little SOS bracelets for men and women are proven over decades, worn by thousands, and recommended by health professionals – and can alert medical emergency staff and doctors to your most pressing issues without the delay of waiting to be connected with a remote computer.


“An SOS Talisman bracelet can speak for you if you are unable to communicate”

Your problem is this: – you are unconscious and you need to alert doctors and paramedics to absolutely the correct medicine or procedure; and in the shortest possible time.

Time must not be wasted while a number of checks are undertaken to arrive at a diagnosis; or while a third party is contacted by mobile phone or computer, which is typically the case if you are wearing medical id tag jewellery.

It is vital that you are diagnosed instantly and accurately, as a mis-diagnosis could be life-threatening, or even fatal.Does this describe a frightening situation that you could find yourself in?

The hidden secret is that inside every SOS bracelet is a unique, special Talisman Information Strip made of non-soluble paper. This Talisman Information Strip is 12 inches (30.5cm) long, waterproof, and stores all your vital medical data on both sides!

With the SOS Talisman™ system, your most vital medical issues are carried with you at all times in a special capsule built in to a bracelet or pendant; and written in permanent (waterproof) ink on virtually indestructible waterproof paper.

This is superior to a medical id tag in that significantly more medical data is immediately available in a crisis.

Why do so many doctors and health professionals recommend the SOS Talisman™ system? – because unlike other systems, there are no ongoing costs: you will pay no annual fee for maintaining your details on a computer or operator controlled telephone number as all your details are immediately available within the capsule; and you can update your information yourself at any time.

Avoid a life-threatening mis-diagnosis:
Your vital medical details are safely hidden away inside the special capsule on your unique SOS Talisman™ Information Strip. This means that everything is immediately available inside your bracelet or pendant in an emergency – reliable, practical and very discreet.

Your data is not engraved on a piece of metal or held on a computer somewhere. So when your personal details or medication change over time, as they almost always do, you simply complete another (very inexpensive) SOS Info Strip, pop it inside the SOS capsule on your bracelet or necklace, and carry on as before!

So when your medical details or medication change over time, as they almost always do, you simply complete another (very inexpensive) SOS Info Strip, pop it inside the SOS Talisman™ capsule on your bracelet or necklace, and carry on as before!

If you’re wondering “where can I buy SOS Talisman™ medical bracelets?” look no further – as a specialist UK retailer, we stock a full range of the most popular SOS products.

“SOS Talisman bracelets & pendants can INSTANTLY tell your paramedic EXACTLY what to treat you for – even if you’re unconscious!”

* Please beware of similar products which you may find on auction sites and elsewhere - if they do not have both the words "SOS" and "Talisman" engraved on them, they are imitations. We only supply and support genuine SOS Talisman products.